What are the types of sheets you have to know?

When you fit the two corners of your bed sheet in your mattress, and you tucked it nicely, and the rest cannot attach it even how to try you stretch it, it won’t fit. Maybe you bought the wrong size for your bed. The solution to your problem is easy now because when you buy single bed sheets online, there are sheet sizes that you can refer to. In that way, you don’t have to buy the wrong size for your bed. However, you can measure the sheets to be easier to accept when purchasing a second hand. However, when it is your first time buying, you don’t know the differences between a flat and fitted sheet. These are the guidelines to know the different types of sheets.

Fitted sheets

A fitted sheet is made to fit right in your mattress, and it is primarily an elastic type in the corners where it can grip the bed perfectly. The size of the sheet has to be the same as the mattress dimensions. When you have a bigger size, the sheet will not fit neatly, and the same goes for small sizes. You will have a problem when the elastic does not work in the corners of the mattress.

Flatbed sheets

It is the type of sheet where it means lying flat on the mattress, and it needs to be bigger than the size of the mattress surface. It can tuck the extra fabric under the bed.


You don’t have to be confused with a comforter because a duvet is a thick blanket that can fill it with silk, feathers, wool, or synthetic material. When you have a duvet, it needs to have a cover sheet so you can easily take it off to clean it. The styles have to be on the top of the bed and drapes over the mattress’s edge.

Bed skirt

The bed skirt is a fabric that wraps in the bottom of the mattress. It is made to keep the spaces between the floor and the mattress. When your bed has a box spring, it can cover it and any items you are hiding under your bed to act as storage.

Measuring fitted sheets

To get the right fit for your bed, measure the mattress’s width, length, and height. When you reckon you have to include the mattress toppers when you have one. You have to write down to remember the sizes. The fitted sheet has to match or be a little bigger than the dimensions. You also need to measure the fitted sheet by ensuring that it is lying flat to know its length. You have to count from one corner to the other to know its measure. You will notice there is a shorter measurement is it the width. And you will have to remove your fitted sheet and measure its pocket seam, which will be your height measurement.