What Would be the best Swimwear and Bikini Choices This Year?

Bikini, trikini, 1 piece or 2 pieces, what swimsuits will you be wearing this summer? To look your best and feel comfortable at the beach, you need to find the perfect swimsuit. The swimsuit that will enhance your figure while hiding your little flaws. If it comes to the swimwear manufacturers then be sure that you would get the finest options.

The summer holidays are approaching as well as the sunny weekends and the question which is announced: How will I choose my bathing suit? Between bikinis, bandeau, triangle, push-up, scarf, half-cup shapes, shape-wear so many choices among the range of swimsuits. For a small chest or a generous chest, for thin or wide hips or for broad shoulders, your look will be enhanced if you buy the right swimsuit. So for a real star look on the beach or by the pool, adapt your swimsuit to your morphology.

Because we all have a different morphology (in A, in V, in H, in X, in O or in 8), find the model of swimsuit that will please you so that you feel the most beautiful, the most elegant and glamorous this summer at the beach.

What Swimsuits for X-Shaped Morphologies?

Treat yourself to original and colorful swimsuits! Monokinis, trikinis, bikinis and even tankinis will suit you perfectly. For your swimsuit tops, you can choose between bandeau, triangle, scarf, balconette or half-cup shapes. For bottoms, opt for a shorty if you want to show off your flat stomach or for high-cut briefs if you want your legs to appear taller.

What Swimsuits for H Body Types?

Bikinis or trikinis will suit you perfectly. For two-piece swimsuits, choose a triangle bikini top to break up the “rectangle” side of your figure and a bottom with ruffles or bows on the sides to flesh out your hips. As far as trikinis are concerned, go for models with asymmetrical cutouts. Choosing the wholesale bikinis suppliers would be the best trick here.

What Swimsuits for O Body Shapes?

The ideal swimsuit for your morphology is the one-piece swimsuit that will reshape your silhouette. One-piece models are trendy, so take advantage of them! We favor sculpting swimsuits with a V-neckline to highlight your chest and camouflage your little belly. If you prefer two-piece swimsuits, opt for a fitted top with high-waisted briefs.

What Swimsuits for V Body Types?

For the choice of your swimsuit, the challenge is the following: highlight your hips and your slender legs! To do this, opt for a mismatched two-piece swimsuit with a plain dark top and a light printed bottom. For the bottom of the swimsuit, opt for low-waisted panties with ruffles or bows. For the top, the triangle shape with thin straps to tie behind the neck will suit you perfectly.

What Swimsuits for A Body Types?

For your swimsuit tops, prefer straight bandeau, balconette or scarf shapes. Choose them padded to bring relief to your bust. Straight straps are great for making your shoulders look wider. For your bottoms, opt for basic, slightly high-cut briefs that will give you beautiful legs.

What Swimsuits For Body Shapes In 8?

1 piece or 2 piece swimsuit? You choose with your sublime silhouette, you can afford anything: triangle swimsuits, bandeau, and scarf. However, if your chest is very generous, prefer underwired cups that will provide good support for your breasts. And if you have a small belly, opt for high-waisted panties.