Which beauty routine to adopt for normal skin?

With each daily gesture, it is necessary to determine the active ingredient to be favoured but also the most suitable care.

1 / Removing make-up, an essential ritual

To rid normal skin of its makeup, two treatments are particularly recommended:

The water micellar in cornflower water  : two products in one, micellar water cleanses and removes at once, without the need to rinse. It traps impurities while respecting the balance of normal skin. The blueberry will complete this action thanks to its decongestant benefits.

The cleansing milk with royal jelly  soft texture and creamy, smooth and comfortable, this cleansing milk is especially nourishing thanks to its formula enriched with royal jelly, real treasure of the hive. It must then be removed with a cotton ball soaked in floral water.

When to remove makeup

It is essential to remove makeup every evening in order to rid the skin of traces of makeup and pollution. But the skin breathes even at night. This is the reason why it should also be cleaned when you wake up, to purify the epidermis and refresh it.

2 / Thoroughly cleanse your skin morning and evening to cleanse it

After cleansing, normal skin needs to be cleansed. The gentle cleansing foam with aloe vera frees the skin from its impurities, while giving it suppleness and radiance. Aloe vera stimulates cell renewal, for a new skin effect and a radiant complexion. Micellar water cleans in addition to removing makeup.

3 / Tone and beautify

Once the face is well cleansed, the application of a mist of cornflower floral water illuminates the complexion, while soothing the skin.

How to use floral water on the face?

Cornflower floral water can also be applied as a compress to closed eyes. The cornflower hydrosol then acts on the eyelids and dark circles, to decongest and eliminate traces of fatigue.

4 / Moisturize in order to strengthen the epidermis

Normal skin tends to become dry over the years. It therefore requires regular hydration in order to maintain its balance while preserving it from the signs of aging. Two moisturizers are particularly suitable for normal skin:

The hydrating face cream with rose floral water skin whitening creams without side effects combines the action of three rose essences: Damask rose, French rose and wild rose. They act in synergy to bring radiance and freshness to the complexion, protect the skin against stress and pollution, while hydrating the epidermis.

The face moisturizer with aloe vera nourishes the skin deeply, it hydrates it while protecting it from external aggressions.

5 / Dare to take specific care

Preserve signs of aging, fight against wrinkles, erase dark spots, revive the complexion, … organic cosmetics offers a wide range of treatments dedicated to normal skin.

Anti-aging care:

In the morning, a dab of anti-aging day cream with royal jelly to protect the skin from signs of aging.

Before putting on make-up, the application of the anti-aging BB cream (composed in particular of apricot kernel oil) makes it possible to unify the complexion, to bring radiance to the skin while preserving it from signs. of aging.

Action anti-rides:

The anti-wrinkle day cream and the Comforting anti-wrinkle night cream Elixir Royal: these creams smooth the skin, giving it suppleness, radiance and tone. Not to mention the anti-wrinkle eye and lip contour care, always based on royal jelly.

The serum duo: day serum with edelweiss (for nourished and protected skin) Immortelle night serum (for a fresh complexion and regenerated epidermis).