Basics of Color Combination of Coil Zippers

If the sewing threads, tapes, and teeth of coil zippers are dyed in various colors, this is what you call color combination of a coil zipper.

Below is a quick guide for color combination of coil zippers and everything else


Never package the products right after you iron them. The products should be dried first completely. Also, the plastic bags that used for packaging should be breathable enough to prevent the accumulation of gas or water vapor. This will help protect the metal parts from discoloration and oxidation.

Recommended Applications

Color combination of coil zippers features teeth that are relatively hard following the dyeing process. This is why it is important to use a single-side singe-stitch sewing instead of single-side double-stitch sewing. This means that the cross-wise strength performance of these zippers is relatively weaker as compared to the regular ones. These zippers also have sewing threads that are also more at risk of bending.

This is the reason why color combination of coil zippers are extensively and commonly used in today’s apparel industry and are recommended for plackets or pockets because of the aesthetic and decorative appeal that they can achieve. But, these zippers are not really recommended to be used for products that require strong cross-wise strength performance like boots, shoes, and trousers.

Choosing the Right Sliders

When it comes to zipper sliders, it is recommended to choose the spray painted sliders for the color combination of coil zippers.

Proper Storage

Make sure that you don’t expose color combination of coil zippers to strong sunlight for a long time. These zippers must never be placed directly in damp or corrosive environment.

Pointers for Using Chemical Agents

It is also recommended to avoid spraying chemical agents that are used for getting rid of dirt, rust, and oil stains directly on the metal parts when manufacturing garments. It will keep the metal parts of the zipper from discoloration and oxidation.

These are just some of the most important things that you should know when it comes to color combination of color zippers. Today, you can find these zippers in many zipper suppliers.

However, there are times when even if you do everything in your power to take care of these zippers, the time will come when their function, performance, and aesthetics will be changed or altered. Once this happens, it is important that you find replacement zippers.

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