Buy Zippered Pillowcases to Experience Their Perks

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There is nothing more comforting and relaxing than lying down your head in a clean, cozy, and crisp, crisp pillowcase after a long tiring day.

However, this convenience can quickly turn into annoyance when in the middle of the night, your pillow slips out of its envelope or fold-over closure pillowcase, or you end up rolling onto an uncomfortable and hard button closure.

The good news is that there is now an easy and quick remedy to this. Zippered pillowcases are hassle-free, protective, and won’t slip off at all.

Zippered vs. Non-Zippered Pillowcases

There is probably only a single drawback about a zip closure and that is the fact that it may scratch or irritate either you or your bed linen throughout the night. But other than this, zippered pillowcases have more benefits to offer than their non-zippered counterparts.

  • Pillowcases with a zipper are not prone to slipping off, or the pillow bulging out in the middle of the night. This keeps your pillow more protected, making it last much longer.
  • As long as you care for the zipper closure properly and follow all the washing instructions, this can last long without breaking off easily.
  • Pillowcases with zipper closure are not that easy to find these days, even though they offer a lot of benefits. This is because many manufacturers stick with the tried and trusted old-fashioned fold-over closure method. It is the reason why you might still need to buy zippers for sewing.
  • Many good-quality zippers feature a small slit where the zipper goes to keep it out of your way.

Features of Quality Zippered Pillows

Focusing on the function of the zipper alone in a pillowcase, always remember that quality is always the most important feature to consider. Below are some other things you need to look for when shopping for zippered pillowcases.

  • Durability – Make sure that the zipper used is made from very durable and high-quality material.
  • Hidden Design – See to it that there is a slot for hiding the zipper to keep it out of the way when zipped up.
  • Metal Zipper – Search for a sturdy and good quality zipper, preferably one made from metal.
  • Smooth Operation – Don’t forget to try using the zipper. This shouldn’t produce any noise and should run effortlessly without getting stuck anywhere.
  • Stitching – it is also important to have double hemmed stitching for durability as well as protection from dust mites and other types of allergens.


Other Pillowcase Features to Check

Below are some other features to check when shopping for zippered pillowcases:

  • Closure Type – Many pillowcases come with either a buttoned closure, fold-over closure, or envelope fold. But a zip closure is rare but highly beneficial and efficient in many stances.
  • Fabric Content – A lot of pillowcases are made from natural cotton that is absorbent and cool, polyester, or polycotton blend that is somewhat softer yet less absorbent. There are also more luxury fabrics like linen made from nylon, flax, satin, or silk.
  • Protection – Your pillowcase is equally important as the pillow itself. It is the piece of fabric that comes into contact with your head and face at night and keeps your pillow protected from debris and dirt.
  • Thread Count – The fabric’s thread count in your pillowcases will express how soft and dense the material is. Fabrics with a higher thread count are always the better option.