Simple Circular Knitting Patterns to Master as Beginners

There are plenty of knitting patterns, which can confuse beginners. There are four basic knitting patterns to master as beginners.

1. Stockinette stitch

It is also popular as a stocking stitch. Before you start knitting patterns on a circular knitting machine master this common knit style. The knit fabric looks like consistent V patterns on both sides. The difference between the back and the front side is revealed from the waving ridges. The knitting process begins with a knit stitch followed by purling.

The stockinette stitch is done with straight wooden knitting needles, where purl is put on the wrong side but in circular stockinette stitch, you just knit on each round. Use Stockinette stitch to make hats, scarves, sweaters, blankets, socks, and more.

2. Garter stitch

It is a common pattern that is easy for new knitters as there is no need to purl if you are using straight needles. Alternatively, the opposite occurs while using garter stitch in round knits. The purl ridge offers a bumpy texture. You can even do garter stitch without purl and make hats, sweaters, shawls, and slippers.

3. Seed stitch

The pattern looks like seeds scattered around the fabric. It is a little more intricate than the garter and stockinette style but mastering it will allow you to create interesting textures. With knitting needles, knit in every purl stitch and purl in every knit stitch of the previous row, when you create the next stitches row.

Seed stitch is versatile and you can create projects ranging from booties and baby hats to hand and neck warmers to washcloths. Both sides of the knitted fabric look similar, so is perfect for creating patterns that are visible on both sides.

4. Rib Stitch

Basic rib stitch skill helps make advanced knitting patterns. You can create form-fitting and stretchy fabrics. The common kinds of rib stitch styles include 1×1 [scarves], 2×2 [winter garments], & 7×3 [flat pattern with extra stretch-ability]. Rib stitch creates waistlines, hems, bags, scarves, borders, cuffs, and necklines.

Combinations and variations of above mentioned four basic knitting designs.

Beaded rib stitch style

It is a vintage design involving ribbed rows. The rib rows are detached with alternating small seed knits that offer a lie-flat texture. The pattern is irreversible as the fabric shows the design on the right side and looks different on the wrong side.

Chevron seed stitch

It involves textured zigzag patterns on the right side and the wrong side reveals an inverted texture. Choose proper knitting needles because this pattern is ideal to knit chunky scarves or cuff edges or pockets. It is formed by blending alternating knit & purl patterns mimicking seed stitch.

Tile square stitch

It composes of stockinette blocks that are separated vertically by seed stitch rib & horizontal purl ridge. The block rests on top of ridges of the textured stitches and is detached by an array of seed stitch ribs. It is an ideal pattern to knit blankets and pillows.

The pattern chosen for the knitting process dramatically impacts the look of the resulting fabric. You can choose circular knitting needles to experiment with and release creativity inside you.