5 styles of fashionable lehengas for ladies

One of the most stunning and gorgeous ethnic dresses from India is the lehenga for women. It covers the lower half of your body like a skirt. It is a favourite among women due to its distinctive style and alluring decorations. They are typically worn on special days like weddings, sangeets, Diwali, or puja. Lehengas were traditionally worn by women in rural Rajasthan and Gujarat, but as time went on, fashion changed, and ladies from urban areas and major towns began donning lehengas. You can choose from a wide variety of options for lehengas for women.

Lehengas are a more modern and improved version of the ghagra. Although there is no distinction between the two, lehengas for women are more closely fitted to the waist than ghagras. Women struggle to make decisions about what to wear. There is a wide range of styles, from the elegant circular or flared lehengas to the seductive mermaid or fishtail lehengas. Here are a few different lehengas for women to help you make a decision.

  • A-Line Lehenga

The traditional lehengas for women and brides are A-line lehengas. They have an attractive simplicity. This fashion will be in the shape of the letter A, as suggested by the name. They make the ideal lehenga design for brides because they are stunning, sophisticated, and seductive. A-line lehengas look great with lehengas cholis, and blouses.

  • Fishtail/Mermaid Lehengas

As the name implies, this is a fishtail or mermaid-inspired dress that comes under lehengas for women. These lehenga types produce a flare below the knee and are closely fitted from the waist to the knees. Because it will enhance their body shape, this type of lehenga is more suited for slim, athletic women. Under the lehenga, it is advised to wear a suitable bodysuit. Mermaid and fishtail lehengas only differ slightly in that the bottom of the former has an a-line cut, while the latter has a flare.

  • The Lehenga Saree

The lehenga saree is a brand-new saree design that has been popularised in India. They are the ideal fusion of the lehenga choli and conventional sarees. By draping the dupatta in the same manner as the saree’s paloo, you may arrange a regular lehenga choli to look like a lehenga saree.

  • Jacket and lehenga

Right now, lehengas with jackets are a really fashionable style of lehengas for women. Instead of a choli or blouse, a long or short jacket is worn with the lehenga. The lehenga jacket’s designs change according to the attire. Other styles won’t be as labor-intensive as the lehengas worn by brides.

  • Lehenga with flares or circles

Flare fashion A lehenga is so named because the hem of the garment creates a circle. One of the oldest and most traditional types of lehenga is this one. These lehengas have several pleats at the hem and a lot of volume. Therefore, if this style appeals to you, choose a fabric that can accommodate the number of pleats you desire. Because they are stiffer, fabrics like raw silk will have a higher flare. Fabrics like raw silk, which are stiffer than georgette or velvet, which tend to fall in a more flowing form, will have a higher flare. The umbrella cut lehenga is another name for this design. This can be worn with the newest blouse styles.