How to Select the Right Bra Type for Your Bust?

You may prefer to wear a bra if it fits correctly and feels good. A bra that’s too small can lead to poor physical health. Incorrectly fitted straps and wires can, for instance, dig into your skin.

A bra with insufficient support can make your posture worse and cause pain in your neck, back, shoulders and neck. It’s not unusual for a poorly-fitting bra to discourage people from doing physical activity.

Your bra affects the fit of your clothes. Your bra’s fit can affect how confident you feel about your appearance. Take a look at the options and find the bra that best suits you.


A balconette bra can be described as a bra with your breasts looking out on a lovely balcony. It has shorter cups and a horizontal, flat top. The straps are also wider than most bras.

Content: The balconette covers your breasts so that you can conceal your bra beneath low necklines.

Support: The straps and the underwire offer some support, but the balconette does not provide the same level as fuller cups.

Best For: Smaller, rounder breasts can fill out the balconette’s short cups and not spill over.

Balconette Bras will fit most breast sizes and shapes. Buy Balconette bras from Debra’s bra shop that suit your style and function requirements. There are many to choose.


A bandeau, or tiny tube top, is basically a bandeau. It can be worn over the head with no straps or cups.

The bandeau is a full-coverage top that covers your breasts. The fabric usually ends just below your shoulders.

Support: This bra only provides minimal support. However, it can keep your breasts straight if the straps are tight enough.

Best For: If you have smaller breasts or are looking for something more comfortable to wear around your house, this is the right product.


This bralette can be worn over an outerwear piece, and you may have seen them on Instagram. Bralettes usually come in beautiful, lacy material without any padding, underwire, or cups.

Coverage: All bralettes have full coverage.

Support: A bralette is not going to provide you with much support. Save it for the occasions when you are more comfortable without it.


A built-in bra means that there is breast support built into the clothing. This usually appears in a camisole tank.

Coverage Your breasts will almost always be covered by a tank top.

Support: Built bras are not great for support. You will receive slightly more support when you are braless than if your bra is fitted.

Recommended for: Smaller, slimmer breasts. A built-in bra might be too small for bigger, more broad-set breasts.


A cage bra does NOT mean you should be putting your bust in prison, despite its name. For an elegant look and a more sophisticated appearance, the cage bra is named for its multiple straps.

Full Coverage: Cage bras come in a variety of coverage options, but the majority favor showing off your curves.

Support: A bra with multiple straps that work together can give you lots and lots of support.

Best For: Regardless if your size or shape, you should be able to find a bra that fits perfectly. The cage bra can work well if you are going for bondage or a gothic look.