The History Of Skull Rings 

Across different cultures, the human skull has always been the death symbol. But you might be wondering why it is so prominent. It is mainly because this call symbolism is quite complicated and meaningful than it might appear on your surface. The image of the skull is generally carved into tombstones. It has always appeared in ancient art and has made a cameo in the helmet of Shakespeare. Gthic’s skull rings are your go-to option if you are looking for the best skull rings.

The skull rings are one of the most prominent parts of jewellery. Skull rings to the Victorians were one of the great ways to celebrate the loss of loved ones.

The Historical Meanings Of The Skull Rings

  • Skull Rings And Death Symbolism

Death is one of the most common meanings of the skull rings, and it is generally recognized as a human than the bones, making it a great symbol. The metaphor of death in memento Mori paintings is instant. These paintings remind people typically that human life is not long. But one of the most incredible elements of memento Mori artwork is the hora bone church that reminds people that life is short.

Instead of intending to be unpleasant or morbid, the skull is used as an image of death aura that works like a fact. The skull rings for men work similarly, just like these paintings. It is one of the best ways to embrace or understand your fate.

  • Carpe Diem And Skulls

Carpe diem is ideally a Latin phrase that means seize this day. The skull works as a reminder of death and carries this vital message. As the time is limited, you should ensure that you make the most of it. Hence, it would be best to consider skull rings an important symbol, especially for free spirits, including rockers and bikers. People note that life is short, so you must make the most of it while it lasts.

  • Reminds Of Life

The skull rings for men generally feature the image of any skull, which represents different things at a time. It also symbolizes death or the power of life. Earlier it was known as the afterlife in other religions. After everything has gone away, the skull is what remains for people. It celebrates a person symbolically that helps in continuing legacy.

One must consider wearing a skull ring as it symbolizes life powerfully.