Clearing the Common Doubts About the Halo Engagement Rings

Buying authentic engagement rings come with their own set of queries and doubts. Naturally, people do not want to indulge in a high investment without any proper knowledge. So, same is the scenario with halo engagement rings. There are so many things to know about it before making a purchase. Hence, in this article, we will answer all the important FAQs associated with the halo engagement rings.

What is the difference between a cluster and a halo?

A halo and a cluster significantly differ in intent and design. Although the difference goes unnoticed, they are two different diamond rings. The main intent of a cluster ring design is to mimic the overall look of a larger stone that is clustered by multiple smaller stones together to give a larger diamond look, without any centre stone in it. On the other hand, a halo diamond ring is not made to create an illusion of a larger centre stone. This ring is created with accent diamonds that rather highlights the centre stone whereas the smaller diamonds are spread across the sides of the ring.

Will a halo detract from the centre stone?

The halo might or might not detract from the centre stone. Halos are mostly designed to make the centre diamond appear larger. But if halos are created with stones which are way too larger, it can cause the centre stone to appear smaller and detract the entire look from it. But it is also up to the wearer if they want their accent diamonds to be larger or smaller. The rings depend on the personality of a person and there is no one-size-fits-all concept.

Will halo rings ever go out of style?

People usually ask if the diamond engagement ring styles are a fad and if they will ever go out of style. And, it is legit too since a lot of investment goes into these rings. This is also a question for the halo engagement rings. However, the answer to it is a “big no”. These ring styles have been in fashion since the early 1920s and most brides-to-be prefer them because of their unique look and feel. They represent the art-deco style, which can also be made in contemporary designs.

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