What are some of the benefits of buying wholesale clothing in bulk?

First, almost any product you buy will be cheaper through a wholesaler. Therefore, you can increase your profit margins and run a more successful business. In addition, you are buying from Wholesale Clothing Vendors who have already bought these products from a reputed manufacturer. Hence, they know that these products have a proven record of accomplishment and will most likely be successful when sold to consumers.

List Price

It is a common practice where the manufacturer recommends a certain price for the retailer to list for their customers. You will see the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) used more frequently. A branded online wholesale clothing company offers you profitable margin. Pretty Kid is committed to eco fashion and caring for the environment. Discover the certified fabrics of sustainable origin in the collection. Find versatile and easy-to-combine garments that are committed to the comfort of the little ones.

Keystone pricing

The Keystone pricing process is also an easier way to tag your wholesale items. Typically, the retailer doubles the wholesale cost and potentially changes that price based on certain market factors. You may find that simply doubling your wholesale cost is not enough due to potential shipping and handling costs. Most retailers will find that doubling the wholesale cost is usually too expensive for consumers.

Multiple pricing

Multiple pricing is also called bundling, where you match several products together and sell that bundle at a slightly lower cost for everything combined. This wholesale markup strategy is very common in the apparel industry and grocery stores.

Discount Prices

Occasionally there is a sale/discount on a particular product (s). The retailer has already raised the wholesale price, to push more customers through the checkout and potentially drive traffic during certain seasons.

Lead Pricing

This type of markup strategy involves occasionally selecting certain products to discount. You know this will bring people to your store because of the discount. However, the goal is to have several complementary products that the customer is required to purchase while in the store.

Anchor pricing

This type of psychological product pricing allows you to raise wholesale prices up to a certain point, while still showing that a discount has been applied. If a discount has not been applied, the practice still reveals an original price crossed out along with a sale price.

Above the Competition

Another way to raise wholesale prices is to buy Wholesale Childrens Clothing from the wholesaler, and immediately examine what your competition is selling similar products for right now. You might rate these products slightly above the competition to create the perception that your products are actually of better quality.


First, you analyze the wholesale prices. After that, you check the prices of your competitors. Once you determine, ask for final quote from the wholesaler. If there is any possibility, try to bargain. With all pricing strategies, you still need to go to your wholesaler and figure out how much you can markup your products to make it worthwhile in the end. After that, you can adjust the prices to understand how much profit you can make for each of your products.