Types Of Shirts You Should Have

AAlthough Men don’t have as much variety of clothing as women, still men do have pretty much to look awesome for every occasion. Be it Shirts, T Shirts, Jackets, Trousers, Jeans, Cargo Pants, Joggers, custom hoodies cheap and much more. Even when you filter out it with just shirts you will find a wide range of Types of Shirts of Every Kind. Here I have gathered all the types of Designer Shirts for Men that anyone including you and me will have to have them in our wardrobe.

  1. Oxford Shirt: An Oxford shirt is a glue that would keep your whole wardrobe intact. You can never go wrong in an oxford shirt. It’s a lethal combination of formal and casual which can cover your many occasions.
  2. Flannel Shirts: Keep your casual self alive by owning some chequered flannel shirts. They can be wore under any kind of jeans and they look best over the T Shirt as a combo. And to make your casual look best; accessorize with Boots, a leather banded watch, Shades and maybe a Hat.
  3. Linen Shirts: The Ultimate Classic Shirts which can change your whole personality just by their fabric material. Linen Shirts are a blessing to your wardrobe especially for a wedding.
  4. Mandarin/Chinese Collar Shirts: Again, a Classy Shirt to bless your wedding themes. Chinese collar shirts  are much more sophisticated than regular formal shirts giving you the look you deserve. 
  5. Denim Shirts: The evergreen Denim Shirts are the multiple purpose shirts which can tie your whole look and make it a lot better. The denim shirts are your anytime go to shirts from including your hangout with friends to your casual date.


Keeping these 5 shirts in your wardrobe will never go wrong as these 5 shirts will cover all your occasional requirements and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.