The best moments from the AAFW featuring Orange Cube Melbourne and Gary Bigeni.

If you’re a fan of affordable luxury and whimsical accessories, you’ll love what Orange Cube Melbourne did at the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) on May 16, 2023. The brand teamed up with Gary Bigeni to create a stunning fashion showcase at Carriageworks in Sydney, featuring their exclusive jewellery and trendy handbags.

But that’s not all. The event was also a star-studded affair, with some of the most influential and celebrities in attendance. They were more than happy to flaunt their Orange Cube fashion items, adding some sparkle and flair to the occasion.

The media couldn’t get enough of the dazzling display, as they snapped photos and videos of the KOLs and celebrities rocking their Orange Cube accessories. The audience was equally mesmerized by the exquisite jewellery pieces and fashionable handbags that complemented the outfits from Gary Bigeni.

The showcase was a huge boost for Orange Cube’s popularity and credibility, as it demonstrated how much the brand is loved and trusted by the fashion-savvy individuals who set the trends. The brand also proved its versatility and creativity, as it matched perfectly with Gary Bigeni’s designs.

The collaboration between Orange Cube and Gary Bigeni for AAFW was a brilliant example of how two brands can work together to create something amazing. The event was a celebration of their partnership and their shared vision of style and sophistication. It also left us eagerly waiting for what Orange Cube Melbourne will come up with next, as they continue to surprise and delight us with their unique and stylish creations.