Achieve A Volumized Hair With A Hair Professional

Some people have problems with their hair, such as thinning, falling, and balding. With this hair problem, people choose to look for a solution and then they end up looking for a hair product in the form of hair shampoo or any liquid hair solution to cover the thin or bald part. However, many are thinking of a natural way to conceal those thinning and balding parts with hair fibers.

Hiring a professional from a hair salon will do the work properly. So, instead of doing it yourself, let the hair professional do it.

What is hair fiber?

Hair fiber is a slender and elongated filament growing from hair follicles in a hair follicle from mammals’ skin, including humans. These hair fibers are made up of a protein called keratin that makes up the outer layer of the skin. The hair structure fiber consists of 3 layers:

  1. Cuticle
  2. Cortex
  3. Medulla

But, this time, the hair fiber product is not attached or implanted onto the skin layer. Instead, it doesn’t involve any medical procedure. It is very safe and natural, through spraying on the skin. These hair fibers vary in color, depending on the choice of the customers.

How can it be used?

The hair fiber product can be used easily and in an instant. The hair fiber product is sprayed on the hair that blends into the natural hair making it look natural and original hair strands. It makes the hair look thick and volumized, which is a perfect solution for thin and bald hair.

How long does the application take?

The application takes 30 seconds. After spraying onto the hair, the hair fiber will suddenly blend into the original hair, as fast and easily.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is very safe to use. The product will not get in contact with the skin. So, there is no possible skin allergy or itchiness-causing effect. Therefore, it is very safe to use for those who have sensitive skin.

How long can it last?

The hair fiber lasts for three months or even longer, it depends on the size of the area to be applied. It will always depend on how much you will be using it. An estimation of 60-90 applications from one 58 grams of hair fiber product. So, it is a very pocket-friendly product.

Experience an all-natural and botanically-based hair fiber with no side effects. Aside from the fuller-looking hair, it also creates a natural look that leaves the hair fiber unnoticeable. The hair fiber that clings to the natural hair makes the thin area fuller and thicker. So, it is a perfect solution for people who have long years of hair problems.

No thin and balding hair using this hair fiber.