The best bag styles for men

When you think of bags for men, you may picture Joey from Friends looking happy with his man bag. Nowadays, men’s bags are highly sought-after items, and guys are accessorising their outfits and they’re not just seen as a “feminine” item. There is great variety when it comes to bags, from crossbody bags to backpacks, belt bags to a men’s pouch… The possibilities are endless!

Read on to find out which are the best bag styles for men, and get investing in some fashionable accessories to complete your outfits.

Crossbody bags

The beauty of crossbody bags is that there are so many styles and they are easy to wear. Who said bags couldn’t be practical and stylish? You can get them in canvas for a sportswear-inspired look or in leather for a sleeker look.

They also are a roomier bag, so if you like to carry more than a few essentials, then the crossbody is the one for you! It also frees up your hands, so it’s perfect for days strolling around cities, and for the daily commute. The best crossbody bags have compartments inside to help you organize your things – otherwise, it’ll be complete chaos!

Messenger bags

A messenger bag is like a bigger format of the crossbody bag. It is perfect to use as a work bag because generally, it can carry your laptop or tablet, as well as a file or two. It has the right dressy vibe for the office, and we love those in leather for a polished look.

It also has a lot of storage compartments to help you organise your bag and your life! The crossbody strap tends to be removable so you can carry it as a crossbody or carry it. Like the crossbody bag, this style is very much unisex, there is nothing stereotypically feminine about the messenger bag!


Don’t worry – we don’t mean the types of backpacks you used to wear to school! Backpacks have been revamped and have been given a modern and luxe twist. Many brands have brought out backpacks for everyday use and to add a touch of statement to your looks – just think about Louis Vuitton!

When buying your backpack, think about the things you carry on a daily basis – if you want to fit your laptop or your tablet, then you’ll need to opt for a bigger size. If it’s more to wear as a style statement, and you only have a handful of essentials, then smaller formats will be less bulky and still look cool!

Waist bags/belt bags

Once known as the cringy “fanny packs”, waist bags or belt bags are now in and trending more than ever! They add an athleisure finish to your looks, and are just so handy for throwing a few essentials into. Combined with your outfit, you’ll achieve street style goals!

If you’re looking for a fancier waist bag, then you can opt for more luxurious materials such as leather to elevate even the most casual of outfits. Throw yours on with a laid-back shirt and chinos to take your look to the next level!