Low Dunk vs High Dunk: How to Style Off White Dunk University?

In recent years, the craze for Off White Dunk University has only grown among influencers and fashionistas. However, what confuses most owners of Off White Dunk University is how to style it perfectly. Can you both pull off low dunk or high dunk kicks? After all, who doesn’t want to look well put together, especially now that we live in a social media-influenced realm?

If you are confused about styling your Nike Dunks, too then, this article is here to save you. Find out the simple ways how to style Nike Dunk like a pro. So, let’s begin!

Styling low dunk

Nike Dunks are a whole lot chunkier. So, with that in mind, ensure to avoid anything too fitted like skinny jeans. But, of course, do not avoid jeans altogether. Just avoid anything that falls under the “tight” spectrum. Let’s understand what we mean.

  • For women: We all know that Nike Low dunk Syracuse has a brighter orange color. So, go for clothes that bring out the shoe. For instance, you can match the vibrant hues to shoes with a colorful cardigan or pullover. Then, pair it with slightly baggy denim jeans for a relaxed, casual look. But, of course, a little gold accessory can also do a lot more to the entire outfit than you imagine.
  • For men: If you want to create a relaxed look with your Nike low dunk Kentucky, what is better than a hoodie and sweatpants? Sweatpants and hoodies create a grunge aesthetic that everyone is talking about. Another option for a well-thought-out outfit is a vintage band t-shirt. Just make sure to keep things in grey to dark tones to bring out the “blue” of your dunks.

Styling high dunk 

Once you get the basics right, it becomes easy to work with the high dunks. Similar to low dunks, you have to keep your outfits relaxed with high dunks, too.

  • For women: Sometimes less is too much, especially when you want to style Nike Dunk high outfits. With an oversized puffer and baggy bottoms, you can take your ensemble to a whole new level of relaxed and comfy outfit. Of course, you can work with various fabrics, too.
  • For men: One easy way of making the heads turn with your Nike Dunk High outfit. Opt for a black jumper, pair it with more neutral-colored trouser, tan caps and finish it with Nike Dunk high Syracuse

Signing off

As we edge closer to colder months, we are sure you must be planning your Nike Dunk outfits. However, if you are stuck in-between styling, refer to our guide for some help. And don’t forget to head over to the HYB store buy yourself a fresh pair of Nike Dunks!