Invisible Clothing Repairs in Kings Road, London

Almost everyone has an item of clothing sitting in their wardrobe at home that has a hole or rip in such a prominent place that it puts them off wearing it.

Even the tiniest bit of moth damage on a winter woollen coat collar can be enough to banish an otherwise perfect overcoat to the back of the wardrobe, never to be seen again.

It can be such a waste of your hard-earned money not to wear an item of clothing simply because it has a little bit of damage, especially when our talented team of clothing repair specialists in Kings Road can invisibly mend it for you!

What is invisible mending?

Invisible mending is a type of clothing repair that involves taking individual strands of thread or wool from the hidden parts of the outfit. These treads are carefully re-woven by hand into the fabric across the hole or ripped area to restore it to its former glory.

Invisible mending can be very labour intensive because it is carefully repaired by hand. Still, the results are excellent, and the repair cost will most certainly be substantially less than the cost of the original garment or the cost of its replacement.

It can be heartbreaking to consign an expensive woollen overcoat to the bin simply because it has a moth hole or a cigarette burn in a conspicuous place. If you have a garment that has some moth damage or has a torn pocket or lapel, why not bring it to our team in Kings Road to take a look at.

We will examine the damage and tell you if we can invisibly mend it for you. If we can, the repair cost will be a fraction of the price you paid for your garment and will save you a fortune having to buy a replacement.

What clothes can you invisibly mend?

Our in-house team of expert clothes repairers can invisibly repair most garments with woven or knitted fabrics, such as cashmere sweaters, woollen jackets and coats.

Wool is a particular favourite food for clothes moths, but don’t be sad if you sort through your winter wardrobe and find that they have been munching on your clothes. Bring your garments to us in Kings Road, and we will fix them for you!

As long as your damaged garment has a side seam, hem or another hidden part that we can take threads from, we can weave these threads over the damaged areas leaving a repair that is hardly noticeable to the naked eye.

If you are not sure if a garment is suitable for invisible mending, we will be able to tell you. If we cannot use invisible mending on your garment, we may be able to suggest a different way to mend it so you can carry on wearing your garment with confidence.

You can find us at 130 Kings Road, London SW3, so the next time you are bringing in your dry cleaning, why not bring along anything you need to be repaired, and we will take a look at it for you!