The Many Uses Of The Stylish Leather Patch: A Short Guide  

When people think of leather patches, the one that crosses their mind is the type used to make repairs. Although these are one type of leather patches, there are also custom leather patches used to decorate various types of clothing. Leather patches are a fun and creative way to style garments and play a leading part in representing one’s personality. These patches can be applied to hats, jeans, jackets, shoes, and other accessories. This article talks about the many uses of stylish leather patches. 

What is a leather patch?

A leather patch is a piece of leather that has premium look and feel with a high-quality finish. The patches come in shapes like rectangles, squares, diamonds, hexagons, or circles. Depending on the need, a leather patch can be used for repairing items or as an adornment. Several leather patches used today in the fashion world have their roots in military history, particularly in aviator’s clothing. 

Decorative leather patches

Leather patches used for adorning different clothing items are available in various styles. They are usually offered in either the same fabric used for making garments or leather. The details presented on the custom leather patches can be embroidered, engraved, embossed, or debossed. Although the other styles are available, when most people think of leather patches, one that usually pops up in their mind is the embroidered style. 

Here listed are different types of leather patches used for clothing:

  • Custom leather patch for jackets

An example of a customized leather patch for a jacket would be ones that people are familiar with seeing on the jackets of sports club members, such as those of biker clubs. The patch might indicate which club the person is a member or might even be a reminder of a special event. 

Also, leather patches are sewn on the jackets of military members. These leather patches can provide information, including an individual’s name, branch, and accommodation received by him. 

  • Custom leather patch for jeans

Leather patches for jeans are used to style the jeans so that the same clothing becomes a trend in the younger generation. These patches usually represent the name and logo of the company’s brand that manufactured the jeans. 

  • Custom leather patch for hats

Specialized leather patches are created for hats for every occasion to highlight the logo or name of the brand. Also, one can get the leather patch customized with a favorite symbol or name and get it sewn on their hat, making it look more stylish. 


The two most convenient methods of making custom leather patches are either an individual can do it himself or have it done by a manufacturing company. If a person chooses to make the leather patch, unless he has an embroidery machine, it is best to construct it out of leather. One can either emboss the leather or engrave the leather.