How to Keep Wooden Flowers Looking Their Best

Luv Sola wood flowers, which are cultivated in a different method than conventional flowers, require specific attention to guarantee that they retain their beauty for as long as possible in a bouquet. This is due to the fact that we cultivate our flowers in an unconventional fashion.

While it’s true that these flowers have unique maintenance needs, contrary to popular belief, they actually require much less attention than your average bouquet. Preserving your Luv Sola bouquet for as long as possible requires some attention, but what sets these arrangements apart from traditional bouquets?

To what extent do Luv Sola flower blooms vary from those of other flower types? What do Luv Sola flowers need, and what can you do to make their lifespan even longer? The Luv Sola Flowers require certain care, so let’s have a look at what it entails.

Comprehension of Wood-Borne Flowers

Let’s start with the basics and figure out what wood flowers are. Floral designers turn to them when they need a flower option that will last longer than the norm for wedding bouquets and other arrangements. Wooden and available in several shapes and sizes, these blooms are sure to please.

They were designed with professional florists in mind, but their usefulness is not limited to that industry. A few clicks, and you may have your very own Luv Sola Flowers sent straight to your door, turning your house into a work of art. Artists discover numerous creative ways to employ these blooms, and they frequently include them in their works.

Raw wooden flowers are naturally white, and skin wooden flowers are naturally brown; all options are available to you. You have the freedom to choose either path. The Shola plant’s “skin” can be harvested from the plant’s skin side. One can compare the aroma and appearance of this plant part to a thin strip of bark, and the taste is earthy. The skin is incorporated into the design to provide a unique feature that gives the flower more character.

You may question how long Luv Sola flowers will retain their beauty once you first lay eyes on them. They are far more resilient than the typical cut flower but nevertheless demand special care when handled.

It’s important to keep your bouquet out of the direct sunshine and in a cool, dark place while not in use. What you are about to read is crucial. Beyond that, little upkeep is necessary at all. Picture yourself with a beautiful wooden flower arrangement that lasts forever and never needs any care or attention from you. That’s the kind of thing that dreams are made of.

Flowers Made of Wood vs. Conventional Flowers

Since sola flowers aren’t cultivated in greenhouses like most other cut flowers, they are more resilient. The Luv Sola flowers we sell are more durable and last longer than any cut flowers you could buy because they are constructed out of wood. Even though our Luv Sola flowers are more expensive than other varieties, they last far longer and look better in bouquets and arrangements because of their increased complexity and beauty. Our flowers are a great option for a bouquet that retains its beauty for a longer amount of time because they are manufactured from the woody shola plant, are biodegradable, and are created in a responsible manner.

Sunlight Isn’t Necessary For Luv Sola Wood Flowers

Keep in mind that your Luv Sola bouquet does not require constant exposure to sunlight. Luv Sola flowers aren’t like other flowers. Thus, they don’t require the same care. In fact, flowers will wilt and die far more quickly if exposed to direct sunlight over an extended period of time. If you want your flowers to last as long as possible and for any dye you may have used continue to stick to them, you should store them somewhere out of direct sunlight.

No Water Needs for Luv Sola Flowers

Since each Luv Sola flower is carefully made from the woody shola plant, it will never wither and die unless you want to give it water. This is a laborious and time-consuming operation. The use of water can hasten the degradation of Luv Sola flowers since it can readily soak into the blooms and begin the decomposition process. Your bouquet will last the longest if you store it somewhere cool and dry where it won’t get wet. Keeping your Luv Sola flower bouquet away from any liquid is the best way to extend its life.

When You Get Flowers From Luv Sola

First-time visitors to the Luv Sola website may feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of available customization options. Think about stocking up on a variety of pieces that may be combined in different ways to form your own signature style. After learning more about the many flower species, you’ll be able to pick out your personal favorites. You can choose to purchase a bundle containing either raw flowers, only skin flowers, or a mix of the two types of flowers. Flowers in their raw form and those with their skins removed are both available.

Adding color to your wooden flowers is conceivable, and since you asked, I’ll tell you that it is. Whether you want to use normal wall paint, paint cloth, or acrylic paint, you may easily transform the room’s aesthetic. There is a choice among numerous possibilities. Searching their website for a video with staining instructions for your wooden flowers will yield detailed, illustrated guidance.

For your convenience, we package both the raw and skin wooden flowers in sets of twelve for sale. If you buy a bundle with several distinct products, you’ll have a lot of flexibility in making your final selections. There is also a collection pack of miniature wooden flowers you can purchase if you require the flowers in your project to be particularly small.


Due to their independence from external factors, such as water and sunlight, Luv Sola flowers last significantly longer than cut flowers. This outlook, along with the fact that Luv Sola flowers are stunning, biodegradable, and environmentally responsible, ensures that you may have the bouquet you want without sacrificing quality. Luv Sola flowers are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

If you are thinking about purchasing a flower arrangement from Luv Sola and would like more information, please contact us as soon as possible through our website at If that’s the case, don’t think twice about it!