What Makes Perfect 12 Introductions Stand Out from the Rest?

Perfect 12 Introductions is the best service for finding love for people who are widely sought after. Perfect 12 is based in Los Angeles and helps people from all over the world meet with each other. Find out why you might want to use Perfect 12 to find love instead of other dating apps.

Hands-on Method

Simona Fusco, founder and CEO of Perfect 12, limited the number of clients she takes on each year. Simona has time to give each customer individual care because she only works with a small group of clients. Simona guides her clients by being present with them. She will take the time to find out what kind of partner you want and what kind of living works for you. This makes it more likely that you will find a good match.

Skilled and dedicated matchmaker

Simona Fusco became a professional matchmaker after the end of her own long-term relationship. She was ready to go out there again. She saw that many of the services were not up to par, which was disappointing. Simona then learned everything she could about the industry in order to make it better because she thought it was badly missing.

Checked Clients

What’s wrong with other matching services is that they don’t check out the people who use their site’s history. You can be sure that Perfect 12 will not pair you up with someone who has a criminal record because they take the time to fully research every possible client.

Picture Taking

You will need to fill out a resume as part of the matching process. Remember that no one else can see your name. The website doesn’t let anyone view it. You will be given a password, though, so you can change it when you need to.

The description is the first thing a possible partner sees about you. Your pictures will be one of the most important parts of your resume. There should be at least three shots on your page. One picture should be of your face. There should be one picture of the whole body. You can make the third picture into anything you want.

Help with Dating

You might have a lot of good traits, but you might be having trouble meeting. In this case, if you were in a long-term relationship before, you might not be as good at going on dates. You can ask our coaches for help with how to act and what to say on your first date.

Love Stories That Work

Perfect 12 Introductions has a great 90% success rate. We are also the only matching service that the Mayor of Los Angeles gave the Global Excellence Award to. We’ve helped a lot of different kinds of people find the right match, from stars and athletes to businessmen. You can read about all the happy couples we’ve helped get together in our website’s reviews. We’ll find you the right person too!

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