What Are The Benefits Of Custom Chenille Patches?


Custom chenille patches are an ideal way to represent your team, school, club, or group uniquely. They can be used on uniforms or other clothing and are also great for backpacks and other accessories. They allow you to display team logos and colors while also identifying group members. Besides, they can be used in non-sports settings as well. 

Below we’ve discussed reasons why custom chenille patches stand out

They have a soft, almost plush look and feel that makes them unique compared to other options

Custom chenille patches are a great choice when looking for something soft to the touch and have a unique texture. They’re also made from high-quality materials, which means they don’t wrinkle easily.

The texture adds a lot of visual interest to the design, too

One key benefit of using custom chenille patches is that the texture adds a lot of visual interest to the design. The material itself is unique and looks different from anything else you’ll see in stores or online. Chenille is made up of yarns cut into pieces and looped together to create a 3D effect. The result is a plush texture that’s soft on your skin and visually appealing at first glance.

It’s important to note that not every design will work well with chenille patches. But when it does, it can really make your design stand out from those created with other materials.

Chenille patches don’t wrinkle and will stand up to use for years

Chenille patches are not just for sports teams. The custom patches are made using a special process that makes them look soft and plush, which means they won’t wrinkle or shrink when washed. The durable patches can be applied to clothing, bags, blankets, and more while standing up to years of use.

Good quality

Unlike embroidered patches, chenille patches are made from high-quality materials that help them last longer without wear and tear. Chenille patches have a higher thread count than embroidered patches. They are also thicker than an embroidered patch and, therefore, more durable.

They are resistant to wear

Embroidered patches might age well, but they also show wear more quickly than chenille. Chenille patches are ideal for fabrics that are difficult to sew on, like leather or fleece. Plus, you can use them on various garments and accessories such as hats, backpacks and bags, jackets, and even shoes and boots. If you’re looking for something durable yet easy-to-apply, embroidered patches might not be the right choice.

Even when exposed to scrapes, snags, and more, chenille patches won’t fray at the seams or suffer from loose threads and similar damage.

Finally, chenille is an excellent choice for team sports, clubs, or any group looking to add a special touch to their uniforms. They are great promotional items, popular with tradeshows, sales, and marketing teams. The rich feel of the custom chenille patch makes them the perfect item for shaking hands or wearing on a shirt or jacket. Have your brand represented at tradeshows and large events by ordering custom chenille patches today!