Hair System Tips For Daily Wearers

When people think of daily wear with hair systems, they usually think of someone who wears hairpieces every day without taking it off. However, daily wear is basically the opposite where you take it off everyday or every other day.

Essentially, if you wear a hair replacement system for no longer than a week, you are a daily wearer. This also means you will need to follow some different routines and tips when it comes to your men’s toupee compared to those who wear their hair systems for extended periods of time.

So with that said, here are some daily wear hair system tips to follow:

  • Make sure your scalp is properly cleaned and prepared before installing your hair system.

How To Install Natural Looking French Lace Men’s Hair System

  • Use clear tape on poly material to get the most natural look. Additionally, make sure to change the tape every time you reinstall your hair system.
  • If you prefer not to replace the hair system tape each and every time, one solution is to dab a thin coat of liquid adhesive on the tape to reactivate the bond. Do this before attaching the unit on your scalp.

What About Lace Hair Systems?

The above aforementioned tips mainly work for those with poly skin hair systems. But what about if you have a lace hair system? The following are tips for daily wear with full lace or lace front hair systems.

  • Remember to always keep tape attached to your lace toupee and not your scalp whenever you are removing it. 
  • Do not use clear white liner tape for lace material. These tapes do not stick and will literally come off. In addition, they might be too strong for the lace material and could result in it getting ripped during the removal process.
  • We recommend tapes such as Duo Tac Tape, Ultra Hold, No Shine, Extendabond and Super Tape for your lace hair systems instead.
  • Peel the back of your lace hair system first when removing it. Use your thumbnail to remove the front by placing it under the tape while your index finger is on the top of the toupee. Remove the lace system off your scalp.
  • If you are removing your lace toupee for cleaning purposes, spray adhesive remover downwards through the top of the hair. The purpose of this is to release the tape bonds from the lace material. Note: Do this only if you plan on removing your hair system for cleaning.
  • It’s important to note that dust present in the air will naturally get attached to your adhesive. This is especially the case in the front edge of lace units as it may become obvious over time. We recommend cleaning these dust-affected areas immediately after a shower. Apply Just Rite Positioning Spray on a tissue, hold your hair system back and clean the area with the tissue to touch it up.


Daily wear of a hair system is not for everyone. But if you prefer it and follow these steps, you can not only make sure your hair system remains looking natural, but also have it last as long as it possibly can.