How to Take Care of Your Pearl Jewelry

Because of their inherent beauty and refinement, pearls are a popular option for jewellery. You instantly feel more confident after wearing your pearl pendant or studs. However, pearl jewellery must be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its beauty and lustre. 

Pearls need specific attention during cleaning, therefore expertise with this method is essential if you possess pearl jewellery. Pearl jewellery is more prone to breakage due to its fragile nature. To avoid this, continue reading to learn how to safely clean pearl jewellery.

Why is it more difficult to clean pearls than other forms of jewellery?

Pearls, corals, amber, and jet are examples of organic gemstones. Because they are created by a living species, their hardness will be lower than that of synthetic gemstones. You are well recognised that oysters are required in the production of pearl jewellery.

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The pearl is produced by the oyster as a defence mechanism against an irritant. When an oyster eats a shell piece, it paints the foreign item with beautiful nacre. The substance will thicken and harden over time. The thickness of the nacre layer is affected by the amount of time a pearl spends in an oyster, the temperature of the water, and the pressure inside the shell.

A thicker covering of nacre will not protect the pearl from scratches. This is true for any coating, but it is especially critical for thin nacre coatings. You’re undoubtedly aware that using a hard-bristled brush, water, or ultrasonic cleaners on your pearls will harm the nacre layer. When cleaning pearl necklaces, the thread adds another layer of difficulty. If a string is immersed in water for a lengthy period of time, it may weaken and break.

Care guidelines for pearl jewellery

Now that you know pearl jewellery needs specific care, let’s have a look at some choices for keeping it in good condition. Remember, first and foremost, that mechanical cleaning procedures are not permitted. You will feel boiling if you employ ultrasonic waves. Pearl jewellery must be polished by hand with high accuracy and needs particular care.

Must-dos for Pearl Jewelry Care

Get a clean bowl, some warm water, and a soft, lint-free cloth. It is advised that you use a microfiber cloth. If you must clean the pearls, choose a light detergent since most detergents will harm them. To dampen a cleaning cloth, use warm water mixed with a little quantity of cleaning solution. Wipe both sides of the pearls carefully and thoroughly.

When you’re through cleaning them, rinse them with a separate soft cloth soaked with water alone. After that, dry the pearl jewellery with a soft napkin or similar material.

Cleaning pearl jewellery wrongly is a no-no.

In order to make sure there are no misconceptions, let’s look at some things you should never do when cleaning pearl jewellery. Don’t ever put pearls in water or any other liquid, period. If you only use a wet towel to wipe them, don’t put them away in the jewellery box until they’ve dried entirely.

Avoid using aggressive chemicals or a polishing cloth. In all seriousness, polishing pearls may weaken the protective nacre layer, resulting in a dull look. As a final remark, pearls should not be cleaned too regularly. The nacre layer will be harmed if you do this. If you wish to clean it more regularly, try every three to four months.

What else can you do to keep your pearls looking beautiful?

The safeguarding of pearls is reliant on their storage environment. The jewellery could be scratched if you place it with other jewellery. Neither should you store them in a sealed plastic bag nor any other form of airtight container. Dryness causes pearls to turn yellow. Pearls should be strung from a necklace tree to allow for air circulation while they are being kept. Bracelets, rings, and pearl drop earrings should all be housed in their own distinct slots within the jewellery box, with appropriate air given.

Pearl jewellery needs careful maintenance, such avoiding applying perfume or body lotion while wearing it. Wait a few minutes after applying perfume or lotion before wearing jewelery.

You should take careful care of your pearl jewellery as it is exquisite and will last you a very long time. Pearls may be preserved in exquisite condition by following a few simple principles. Check out our other blogs if you’re interested in learning more about jewellery, fashion, or gemstone upkeep.