5 romantic proposal ideas


Romance doesn’t come naturally to all of us – especially after we’ve been with our partner for a little while. After a few anniversaries, birthdays, and christmases, you can feel a little short on new ideas. This makes things especially tough if you’re wanting to propose. 

Proposals are big deal, so you’ll of course be wanting to pull out all of stops. So, how can you trun up the romance without feeling like you’re recycling your old moves? 

Don’t worry, the team at Valentina engagement rings are here to help! Not only can we help you find the perfect ring for your beloved, but we happen to know a few things about proposals too! 

So, here are our favourite romantic proposal ideas that your partner will never forget! 

1. The at Home Proposal 

Many people turn their noses up at home proposals but their major benefit is that they have endless romantic potential. Unlike any restaurant or public space, you have full control over what you can do. You can transform any room with as many balloons, flowers, candles, and lights as you can get your hands to make something truly special! Plus, you don’t have to factor in things like strangers or someone giving the surprise away! 

2. The Nostalgic Proposal

This is an excellent way to turn up the romance! Think back to significant moments in your relationship – like where you went for your first date or perhaps where you had your first kiss? Use this as inspiration and try to recreate the moment or setting for your proposal. Romance achieved! 

3. The Destination Proposal

This is tricky to execute, but can be truly special if done correctly! The trick is not to simply tell your partner you’re taking them on a romantic trip out of the blue. Instead, you need to be crafty and time the proposal to happen during a trip that’s already been planned. This way, you can catch them by surprise! The romance of travel is a lot already, but try to get down on one knee in a romantic spot if you can. 

4. The Spectacle Proposal

For someone who loves a bit of grandeur, this is the proposal idea for you. These are typically the proposals you see on social media – flash mobs, proposals at concerts or events. These require a lot of planning, but if done so for the right person, it will make for an amazing story that you and your partner will share for years to come. 

5. The Friends and Family Proposal 

Proposing in front of friends and family is a great way to make your partner the centre of attention! This way, they can enjoy this big moment and celebrate with their loved ones in one unforgettable evening. Plus, you’ll have a few extra helping hands to film your proposal and execute your plans.