Tips for Smoking Cigars

Are you a beginner in the wonderful world of cigars? Smoking cigars can be a wonderful experience, but it is important to learn the basics before you dive in. Whether you are just getting into cigars or have been enjoying them for years, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your cigars. From choosing the right cigar to proper lighting and cutting, these tips will help you enjoy your cigars like a pro!

Lighting your cigar

There are a variety of ways to light a cigar but all of them are intended to bring out the flavours of the cigar, the most popular method is using a lighter or match, although this isn’t always the best. Searching for the perfect way to light your cigar? Why not try a cedar spill or a wooden matchstick?

First light the edge of the cigar with small, circular motions while keeping the flame far from the cigar. Rotate and puff, rotating, until it has evenly lit up. Once it’s lit, puff the cigar several times to make sure the light has reached all areas. This will create an even, smokeless, combustion.

When your cigar is lit, continue smoking for a few more puffs, which clears the cigar of any off-flavours from the start.

After lighting your cigar, you’ll be able to enjoy it! Keep in mind to slow down and enjoy each drag. Cigars should not be inhaled, but are meant to be enjoyed as slow and gentle smoke is enjoyed. Enjoy the experience, sit back and relax.

Purge your cigar

When smoking a cigar, the flavour you taste might be more intense than that of the cigar itself. This is because it has concentrated ingredients due to the much hotter flame. When you have a foul cigar, the best solution is to purge. All you need to do is blow gently on the flame to cause the item to smoulder.

Focus on your cigar

In contrast, while smoking a cigar, you can immerse yourself in the experience and block out other distractions like the company around you. Careful examination of your cigar can determine when it should be smoked.

Smoke your Cigar Carefully

Cigars should not be smoked quickly; light one slowly and taste it with your mouth. When taking a draw on your cigar, you should not inhale, but rather exhale a small amount of smoke over your tongue.

Fix an uneven burn

When the cigar’s burn goes sideways, correct it by turning it upside down and giving it time to straighten.

Pair with whisky

It’s crucial to pay attention to the tastes of each product when pairing whisky and cigars. Likewise, when you find a potential match, think of any potential dangers and decide whether they are worth it. When drinking an Islay Scotch and smoking a mild cigar, a bolder and more robust cigar will outshine the scotch.

Have a range of cigars to try

Trying cigars of different types is the best way to discover your taste preferences. Your cigar’s flavour will vary based on size, shape, flavour, and strength. Getting bored with the same old thing? Try something new and do your research with smokers choice guide.

Smoke with other people

Sharing a cigar is a wonderful experience and it can be done in person or virtually. If you’re able to meet up in person, some essential tips for safe smoking should be taken into account. Firstly, make sure to maintain social distancing as much as possible. You should also ensure that you’re smoking outdoors, and if it’s windy, find a sheltered spot.

When sharing cigars virtually, the same rules apply. Make sure everyone is seated at least six feet away from each other, and make sure to keep the conversation on the topic. Talk about the different types of cigars, how the smoking process works, the flavours and scents associated with them, and more.

Smoking cigars with other people is an incredibly enjoyable experience, but it’s important to respect the other people in your company and follow the relevant health and safety regulations. Enjoy your cigar smoke responsibly!

Use a Specialist Tobacconist

If you’re a beginner cigar smoker, it’s important to seek out a specialist tobacconist. A specialist tobacconist can provide expert advice and guidance on which cigar might be best for you, as well as provide an array of cigars to try.

When you’re looking for a specialist tobacconist, ask around to find the best shop in your area. Many tobacconists have online reviews and ratings, so you can get an idea of their expertise. Once you’ve found one, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask them about the different types of cigars available, the right way to light and smoke them, and what their recommendations are. They can provide invaluable information for beginner cigar smokers.

Savour the process

When it comes to cigar smoking, it’s all about the experience. While there are plenty of tips and tricks to learn about the best way to smoke a cigar, don’t forget to just enjoy the moment and savour the process. Instead of focusing on the technical aspects of cigar smoking, take some time to appreciate the aroma, flavours and sensations that come with your chosen cigar.

Allow yourself to relax and just be present at the moment, without worrying too much about what you ‘should’ or ‘should not’ do when it comes to cigar smoking. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to do it – just light up and enjoy! And while you’re at it, try pairing your cigar with different drinks, such as whisky or port, to bring out the unique flavours and aromas of the cigar even more.

Cigar smoking is all about taking the time to truly appreciate and savour the moment. So forget about the rules and regulations and instead, focus on getting the most out of every puff.