Important things to consider while buying Jacket Lehenga

Jacket lehengas are now considered as the long-gone fashion trend. Seeing Sara Ali khan and many other actresses slaying in the jacket lehenga yet again evoked the necessity of the outfit. Buy lehenga with jacket online and hop on the trend now. 

Although a recent innovation, the Lehengas jacket has become the hottest style for this wedding season. There is nothing more traditional than a lehenga after the most beautiful saree. 

But if you want to add a touch of modernity to 10th-century Lehengas, then Lehenga with the long jacket is the way to go. 

If you’ve heard of the Lehenga lacha, this is where the origin of the Lehenga jacket began. It is a very common style for Pakistani and Punjabi women. 

The regular Lehenga has a choli, a long skirt with a dupatta and when you wear it. But with each Lehenga, the blouse is long and therefore the bust area and the back are not visible. So that’s when the long jacket style came into the picture.

  1. How and why should you choose a Lehenga jacket?

As we have seen above, the bridal lehenga is the garment for certain big events such as weddings or festivals. So when it comes to a big event then why stick to the old and traditional style. Why not add a touch of modernity? Choosing a Lehenga jacket will give you a royal look on a big day like your wedding or when you are attending a wedding. Nothing can make you more gorgeous and authentic than the Lehenga jacket. So next time for any big event try on the Lehenga jacket and get ready to receive the compliments.

  1. Play with colors and materials

When choosing bridal lehengas, you have to be very careful. Make sure you choose the right color and material for your skin tone and body shape. don’t go with the most common colors available on the market or the ones everyone uses. You have to play well with the material and the colors. Choose dark colors for the wedding if you have a lighter complexion and a lighter color if you have a darker complexion. 

You can always choose the color you prefer but choose the one. A good shade of the same also applies to the fabric. Avoid rigid materials if you have a heavy lower body. Always choose light and smooth materials like satin, georgette, crepe, or soft silk. But if you are too thin, choose the best materials like pure silk, raw silk, cotton, brocade, or other stiff materials.

  1. Choose according to your body type

Another important thing to keep in mind is your body type for the rectangular shape, you will have to choose a rigid material and a flared skirt. For the pear shape, the skirt must not have too much volume. For the apple shape, a soft material with a good flare is a good choice. For the inverted triangle-shaped body, the Lehenga flare should be wide with good edge detail. Buy lehenga with jacket online and hop on the trend with DollyJ. 

For the hourglass shape, you can choose any style of lehenga while you rock with any style you choose. Your body shape is perfect for all kinds of styles.

  1. Pair your Lehenga jacket with extravagant jewelry

Lehenga on its own is a very tall outfit, but that doesn’t mean you’re wearing the wrong jewelry. Some extravagant and elegant jewelry can add that extra bridal look if you are looking for a Lehenga for your D-Day. 

But make sure you choose the right jewelry, if the bridal lehenga is very heavy you can keep the jewelry simple, and if the Lehenga is. simple, you can keep the jewelry heavy. It all depends on the occasion for which you are actually planning.