How to Store Your Sapphire Earrings the Right Way?

A lot of thought and research goes into buying fine jewelry pieces. It is generally because these aren’t like the usual trinkets that you can wear for shorter durations and discard llater. These accessories are sturdy enough to work their magic for a lifetime if you take care of them properly. Storing them in the right manner is a good start.

Not only do you need to be careful while securing a sapphire pair over your earlobes, but you also need to keep them safe if you want them to look new-like. 

Keeping your prized possession safe doesn’t require much effort if you take some precautionary measures. We have listed all the tips you should follow while your sapphire earrings are off duty below – 

1. A Cold Space 

To ensure your jewels maintain their vivid blue hue, it is best to store them in a space with minimal humidity and low temperature. Silver is prone to tarnish when it is constantly exposed to humidity. On the other hand, dust collecting over a pair can make it a dull look with time. However, a little cleaning session can back the original glimmer of your sapphire earrings back. Thus, a place away from sunshine and humidity serves as a perfect storage area for your sapphire jewelry set. 

2. Pamper the Pair

Sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a tough gemstone. Despite it, it can get scratches in the presence of a harder jewel like a diamond. So, to be on a safer side, you should avoid storing it with other jewelry pieces. The best option is to get yourself a jewelry organizer containing separate slots for all your earrings. Choose one which has a soft velvet lining as this fabric cares for your jewelry like nothing. It absorbs moisture reducing the risk of tarnishing, and makes the jewelry box scratch resistant. 

3. Give it a wipe 

Wiping your sapphire jewelry with a clean muslin cloth after every wear extends its life. It removes the swear and cosmetics which otherwise might cling to it until your next wear. If you don’t have the time to give your pair a deep clean, this trick will keep them shiny forever. 

4. Check the Setting 

When you are repeatedly wearing your earrings, with time the prongs holding the sapphires can wear off. As they become thinner, the gemstones aren’t secured properly, and thus, one knock, and you lose your precious jewels. It leaves behind an empty slot. 

If you don’t want to go through this nightmare, you should get your jewelry checked by a professional jewelers time and time again. 

A pro tip: Get them upgraded as per the latest jewelry trend while you get the prongs tighten to wear a new look without splurging on a new pair. 

Want to check it yourself? Try giving it a vigorous shake. Do you hear any tinkling sounds? If yes, the jewels are quite loose, and it’s time to give your pair a revamp. 

5. Taking them off 

When you are partaking in an activity that has to do with your hair, it is better to either tie them into a bun or take off your sapphire ear jewelry. During rigorous workouts, your hair can get tangled to the posts, which can lead to losing your pair if you aren’t careful enough. A practical way to deal with such situations is to not wear your fine jewelry during such an occasion. Opt for pushbacks, also called the butterfly backs, as they are the most secured backings. Another great backing type is screw backs. However, they take more time to secure, which is the reason why many people avoid using them. 


Fine jewelry such as sapphire earrings cost a fortune to buy. So, you naturally want to keep them safe. The above storage tips will ensure you never harm your earrings unintentionally. Investing in a high-quality jewelry organizer and cleaning your earrings to keep the dust and grime at bay are some necessary measures to take.