Learn more about IPL hair removal treatment

If you’re exhausted from shaving daily and trying hair removal methods that leave your skin rough and bumpy, you might want to consider IPL hair removal. This treatment is offered in clinics and can also be done at home. You can use IPL devices that are enhanced enough to compete with the treatments offered by professionals. Although IPL hair removal has been around since the mid-1990s, it has increased in popularity, for women of various ages. It is one of the functional ways to get rid of unwanted hair and can also be used on almost any part of the body.

IPL hair removal is a simple and speedy method, yet there are some vital things you have to know before you’re going to proceed with appointments for your hair removal.

Understand what IPL Hair removal is

IPL is the acronym for intense pulse light, it is a type of treatment that uses powerful pulses of light to revive or treat different issues within the skin. It is mostly used as a hair removal tool yet also for pigmentation, enhancing skin texture, removing spider veins, lessening acne, and also to eliminate some of the signs of sun damage. One of the great things about IPL devices is that they can be used easily at home which means you no longer have to visit the salon if you want to do it yourself. You must also note that IPL devices are only applicable on fair to medium-brown tones. And hair from dark brown/ black to natural blonde, thus you need to ensure to check what suits you best.

What you should expect for your first treatment of IPL hair removal?

You need to shave the treatment area beforehand in preparation for your first IPL treatment, thus that the hair follicles can properly absorb the laser light. You also need to avoid the application of tanning products and sun exposure in the days leading to your appointment. It is also recommended to shower and ensure that the area is clean before your scheduled treatment. You may observe some redness or swelling slightly in the treated area, yet this must not be painful and will also vanish within a few hours.

A lot of people disclose that they achieve permanent hair reduction after some treatments, yet some might need touch-ups every few years. IPL hair removal treatments are the best way to reach long-lasting results without the need for waxing or shaving.

Check these great benefits of why you must consider IPL Hair removal treatment

  • You can prevent ingrown hairs permanently
  • You’ll save a lot of time
  • Value for money
  • Treatments are usually fuss-free and short
  • Treatments do not depend on hair growth