How to select the best toupee for yourself

A perfect toupee can enhance your appearance and hide any balding you’re experiencing. Many hairstylists mention that when it comes to hairpieces for men, few can match the perfection of a human hair toupee. However, there are certain factors you should consider when selecting the perfect toupee for yourself and some of these are as follows.

Important Things To Know When Choosing Your First Men’s Hair System

  • Choose one that suits your hair color

Few can beat the perfection offered by a toupee. It can fit perfectly on your head and blend in with your remaining hair on the sides and back of your head. But make sure to choose toupees with a hair color similar to your original hair. This will make the toupee indistinguishable from your natural hair. Once placed firmly on your head and styled with your hair, you should not be able to differentiate between your hair and hairpiece. If you have dyed your hair, then select a toupee that blends with the hair color that you are sporting presently.

  • Select the correct size hairpiece

When you opt for a hair replacement solution like a toupee, it is essential to ensure that it fits you perfectly. The toupee tape should fit on your head without hurting you or leaving any gaps. When you place the toupee on your head, ensure that it fits perfectly on the hairline. If there is any visible gap, it will become visible, and people can quickly identify that you are wearing a toupee. Hence, you must select the correct size and the correct color to ensure that it blends in with your hair and gives you a comfortable fit.

  • Choose a human hair replacement system

Wearing a toupee is one of the best non-surgical hair replacement procedures. It is affordable, reversible and painless. If you want the hairpiece to be natural-looking, invest in one made of human hair. Such a toupee will give a natural appearance and is a superior option than a synthetic one. Moreover, the chances of allergy are less in the case of human hair toupee. In the case of synthetic ones, the materials with which the toupees are made can sometimes cause allergic reactions as the toupee will be in direct contact with your skin. But if you purchase one made with human hair, you can be assured that it will be hypoallergenic. While synthetic hair is cheaper, it’s also not as durable as human hair nor can it be styled as much or heated or dyed.


Selecting the perfect toupee for yourself is not that difficult. In most cases, people opt for ones that blend with their natural hair color and fit them perfectly. But while selecting a toupee, you must also prioritize your comfort level. You must check the fit and the tape (if you’re not using liquid adhesives) with which the toupee will be attached to your head. The toupee base should be such that you find it to be comfortable. It is important to remember that you will be wearing the toupee for long hours, and hence your comfort should be an extremely high priority.


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