How to find the right gold buyer?

Once you have decided to sell your gold, the next big and important challenge is to get the maximum price for your gold. There are plenty of options available in the market where you can sell your gold but these options can also create confusion and chaos. Moreover, things get complicated due to the various checks and measures that most gold buyers make your jewellery go through. There are certain risks associated with such procedures like losing the value of the gold, decrease in weight, not getting fair market value, etc. However, as a consumer, you should thoroughly research and review the various buyers available in your area so that you get the best price for your  G Luxe Jewelers

Finding the right gold buyer:

  • Check the reputation of the buyer: Get in touch with the local neighbours, and nearby communities and interact with them to understand and know about the image of the buyer. The reputation and the overall review can be understood through Google search too. Check the online reviews of various buyers and go for someone with the maximum positive reviews.
  • Do your research: This is the most important step to take before you visit the buyer’s shop. Here, you should check the price of 1 gm of gold for that particular day and also measure the weight of your jewellery so that you already have an idea about the estimated price of your gold.
  • Check for the license and other certificates of the buyer: Such documents are easily available online and you should properly verify that the shop where you are going to sell your gold has all the legal documents and papers. There are various cases of fake buyers who cheat their customers and later get away with their acts as they are not registered buyers.
  • Talk to the buyer about measures and procedures he conducts to get the value of the gold: Different buyers have different measures and methods to get the exact value of the gold. However, in certain cases the method might not be transparent and you might lose the value of the gold. Therefore, it is very necessary to talk to the buyer beforehand and understand the procedure that he will conduct to examine the overall value of the gold.

Whenever you set out to sell your gold, ensure that the buyer has a good reputation in the area and is associated with certain existing brands. Also, go through a background check of the buyer and make yourself aware of the procedure that he undertakes to examine the value of the gold.