What Are Some Famous Chocolates?

Chocolate is something that most of you might already be familiar with, smooth sweets that pleasingly melt inside your mouth. The sensation chocolate gives is what makes it loved and enjoyed by many. Some even might feel their day is incomplete without a bite of chocolate. People often attach chocolate to countless moments of their life. You might already be thinking about romantic occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s day, and not to forget the popular Japanese trend, White day. Although those are true, the tradition of giving and receiving chocolate is not limited only to romantic events. Such as on graduation day, birthday parties, job promotion, welcoming parties, and there is a lot more to mention.

Chocolate came in various options of shapes. The one that is commonly encountered is the chocolate bar. But, you might also have heard about chips, pistoles, fèves, and blocks. Just as how it is available in a variety of shapes, it also comes in a variety of tastes. Some are sweet and light, while some are less sweeter with a lingering feeling. If you are not familiar yet with various types of chocolate, you do not need to worry. Here’s a list of some famous chocolate for you!

  1. Milk Chocolate

One’s preference might change as one grows up. But, we can all agree that milk chocolate was everyone’s favorite during their childhood days. When we were young, parents and teachers usually gave milk chocolate as a reward or a sign of appreciation for our achievements. Some might even still crave for one after their 9 to 5 days. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Milk chocolate is a classic, the most chocolatey chocolate, with a light brown color, sweet taste, and fragrance. No question needs to be asked regarding the popularity of this chocolate. Therefore, this chocolate is highly popular as a gift for various occasions. The sweet caramelized sugar, vanilla, and milk please your senses all at once. For romantic occasions, milk chocolate is usually paired with a bouquet. Besides as a gift, milk chocolate is also commonly used as the main ingredient or additional ingredient in tarts, pastries, and many other desserts.

  1. White Chocolate

Another chocolate you might encounter every day, white chocolate. This chocolate is very easy to spot due to its ivory and creamy color. With a classic vanilla fragrance that comes from a combination of sugar, cocoa butter, milk, vanilla, and lecithin, white chocolate gained a lot of fans from the moment it was introduced to the market until today. The taste of white chocolate is described as a sweet flavor profile with strong undertones of condensed milk and vanilla. It’s not hard to spot a superior quality white chocolate. White chocolate with the finest quality is supposed to be creamy, with a soft yet rich texture that came from its base. Compared to others, white chocolate radiates purity with its appearance. The color of this chocolate that is nothing like others is probably the reason behind its symbolism, which is creativity and artistry.

  1. Dark Chocolate

With the dark shade of brown and a taste of sweetness that is less apparent than milk chocolate, dark chocolate hits the perfect spot inside many hearts. Studies and researches have also proven that dark chocolate has many health benefits, which caused the popularity of dark chocolate to rise in the last few years. Some of the many benefits of dark chocolate are it may improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. Besides, dark chocolate is also very nutritious to the skin. The flavor characteristic of dark chocolate varies greatly depending on the cocoa concentration. It has the aromas of baked brownie, red fruit, and brown spice. Dark chocolate is excellent for baking because of its chocolate-forward flavor character. Dark chocolate makes wonderful chocolate chips because it will add a unique taste to the dessert without overpowering the main ingredients.

  1. Bittersweet Chocolate

What makes bittersweet chocolate unique compared to the few that were previously mentioned is the ratio between sugar and chocolate liquor. Another name for this famous chocolate is extra-dark chocolate. That’s because rather than sweetness, the authentic taste of chocolate kicks stronger. Therefore when it comes to cakes and desserts, bittersweet chocolate is the type that many would prefer to choose. Bittersweet chocolate would be perfect as the ingredient for your warm fudgy brownie to make your holidays feel cozier.

  1. Dried Fruits Chocolate

Just like how it’s called, this famous chocolate is consists of chocolate liquor and dried fruits. The dried fruits that might be the perfect ingredients to create this type of chocolate are figs, strawberries, lemons, oranges, tangerines, raisins, and kiwis. However, to add both visual points and taste, mint leaves are often chosen to be the perfect addition. The Awfully Chocolate has many options of dried fruits chocolate for you to choose from and if you would like to have some you can easily access the Awfully Chocolate delivery.

  1. Cashew Chocolate

Cashew chocolate is famous for having a unique flavor combination of sweetness and savory. Texture-wise, cashew chocolate also wins many hearts. Cashew is also very nutritious and has many health benefits. Cashews are high in fiber, heart-healthy fats, and plant protein and have low sugar content.

Now that you know various types of famous chocolates and their characteristics, you must also have learned the fact that many loves chocolate. That explains why chocolate is highly popular as a gift. If you want to be a little extra, try pairing a chocolate box with something else. For example, if it’s for romantic occasions, you should get a bouquet. For graduation days, you can pair it with cards and letters. And for welcoming someone, you could also give a succulent or a mini snake plant. Besides bringing positive energy, one of the many snake plant benefits is that it is demands a very low maintenance. So don’t hesitate to send chocolate and gifts to your loved ones.