Tips and Tricks to Care for Dyed Hair

If your hair is colored, it might take a lot of upkeep to keep it looking great. Do you want to spend all of your money and effort in vain? Consider these tips and tricks before getting your hair colored. Once you have them down, enjoy changing things up a bit!

Reduce Your Number of Hair Washes

The more times you wash your hair, the more color seeps out. While some individuals worry that not washing their hair every day will make it appear greasy, doing so dries out your hair and can be damaging whether your hair is colored or not. Colored hair only needs to be washed once a week, if at all, whereas natural hair only needs to be cleaned every two to three days.

Pay Attention to the Temperature of Your Water

Did you know that some colors bleed and run more quickly in hot water? This is due to the fact that heat causes your hair’s cuticles to lift, fading it. Some hair experts advise rinsing your hair with cold water in addition to washing it once a week. Use a shower helmet before getting into the hot shower if you still enjoy them.

Use Conditioner

If you don’t feel comfortable washing your hair once a week, it can be beneficial to shampoo less frequently. Go straight to the conditioner every two to three days. In addition to cleaning your hair, it also softens and shines it, possibly extending the life of your coloring.

Use Sulfate Free Shampoo

The majority of shampoos contain sulfates, which can dull your hair’s color and shine. This is so that the vibrant color you have applied won’t be affected by sulfates, which can dry out the natural oils in your hair. When purchasing shampoo, carefully examine the ingredient labels to determine whether sulfate is present. After having your hair styled, you should ask your hairdresser what shampoo they suggest using. Even worse, they might try to sell it to you.

Let Your Hair Naturally Dry

A hairdryer will undoubtedly have the same effect because heat, like the temperature of the water, dries out and dulls the color of your hair. In this circumstance, it is OK to let your hair dry naturally. Even if it takes a little longer, have patience. This only indicates that you will be able to maintain the hue you like for a longer period of time without suffering any harm.

Consider a heat protectant for your hair before using a hair dryer or styling tools like straighteners and curling irons. Choose the heat protection that best suits your demands among the several that are available on the market. Many heat shields contain conditioning ingredients that keep your hair moisturized and glossy.

Talk With a Stylist at Luscious and Co.

On the other hand, your hairstylist will be the most knowledgeable on tips and tricks for caring for your newly colored hair. You may find trusted stylists with this knowledge at Luscious and Co. if you’re looking for a hair salon in Fairfield, CT.

Along with their years of experience, our stylists follow the always-evolving hair trends in the business so that we can meet your needs and instruct you on the best hair care practices. Your personality is expressed through your hair. Follow the tips and tricks above to help your hair shine.