Sassy Jones: Empowering Yourself Through Fashion 

When it comes to your sense of style, there are so many doubts in the air because sometimes, you just don’t know what kind of clothes and accessories looke the best on you. Fortunately, Sassy Jones is here to help you overcome that dilemma. 

Sassy Jones is a highly acclaimed Richmond-based online lifestyle accessory and fashion company that offers a wide range of style solutions for women all over the world. The brand has been known for its exclusive hand-crafted apparel, cosmetics, and accessories. 

The company was founded by Charis Jones in 2013. Sassy Jones was a result of home parties and get-togethers where they would shop for one-of-kind handmade jewelry in her home kitchen and quickly evolved in 2015 – expanding its operations online via live streams on social media and more. 

Sassy Jones provides its customers with a variety of style solutions through the use of a one-stop-shop approach that gives customers a sense of convenience. The brand is most commonly known for its signature aesthetic revolving around boho chic with a tribal flair, bold prints, and bright colors. Additionally, it also retails handbags, hand-designed jewelry, a makeup line, accessories, including a ready-to-wear apparel line. 

The company has also partnered up with Home Shopping Network (HSN) for “The Big Find – Sassy Jones Accessories” to design unique accessories for all women and sell them through television and online means. Eventually, the company had recorded revenue growth of 4,515% by 2020 and was known to be one of the fastest growing brands during the pandemic. 

Naturally, Sassy Jones has become the ideal place to go to for all of your fashion and lifestyle accessory needs. In fact, the experts behind the company have even shared some valuable tips on how to empower yourself effectively through fashion. 

Skin-tone Glasses 

A lot of people do not realize this but just as skin-tone shoes have been known to elongate your legs, skin-tone glasses serve an equally powerful purpose. These glasses can restore the structure to a face; nude glasses being the quickest way to update your looks in shades of whiskey, amber, honey, blush, or others that are closer to your skin tone. 

Everyday Hobo Bag 

Forget the small handbags with heavy satchels and start treating yourself to hibi bags of natural leather. This way, the flexible material is strong enough to hold onto all of your things and snug on your shoulder for more security when you are in a crowded place. Moreover, it sits perfectly on your lap, with inner pockets, lip enclosure and at least one pocket on the outside to key things you need to quickly take out at any moment. 

Wearing Lipstick 

Even if you are not too confident about having all the attention on your lips, putting on lipstick is actually a great way to energize and bring more color to your face. Even if you are just going to the grocery store or even a small walk outdoors, all you need is a lipstick to help perk up the rest of your day.