Favourite Ethnic Picks for this festive season

It is an undeniable fact that appearances can be deceptive. Still, at the same time, it won’t be wrong if I say one’s clothing represents his/her personality .both statements can be counteractive and confusing. Still, Amid all this dilemma, we can agree upon the integrity that spring is here and with it comes the season of fashion. With the increasing awareness of sustainable fashion, you might want to look for something evergreen. Well, look no further – presenting the pinnacle of fashion amalgamated with cultural prestige – the Punjabi suit.

Whether you are looking for some funky look or trying to do a traditional yet beautiful persona – Punjabi suits got you covered. And as the festival approaches, you sure would want your favourite ethenic dresses to stylize your wardrobe.

Punjabi suits

The reason we could argue with contradictory views over the origin of Punjabi suits, whether they came from the Mughal nobility or were present much earlier and won bye to Punjabi women, is no denying the fact that girls book drop-dead gorgeous when you see them in Punjabi suits. With some of the top brands Now working meticulously to turn out Amazing Punjabi Suit, you have no limits in the choices weather to choose from DEYANN,

Biba, YK, Jaipur Kurti, SG YUVRAJPLANET, or Anouk. These are just some of the top brands allowing you enormous freedom in your shopping cart.


Provided that ethnic Kurtas are styled for people of all ages, both men and women and kids, You would want the perfect combination to go with your stunning looks. If you are looking for some occasional office wear or something for festive events, you can go for a Geometric print and a matching dupatta and Plazo. If you are a Punjabi Gabru picking up green and red Kurtas for Punjabi Men can enhance your looks. Somewhere in the likeness of Angaraka style Kurta and Dhoti style pants will go to great lengths in proclaiming you the warmest person in a housewarming ceremony. If you are looking for something different from Punjabi suits, a wide range of Kurta and Lehenga cholis can be your alternative go-to fashion statement for festive occasions.


The fashion industry keeps changing, and if you want yourself to be up-to-date with the latest trends, you are at the right place. Here is the current take on Punjabi suits. 

Men – A mandarin collar, curved hem on your side slit kurta with long sleeves Is there go to fashion these days accompanied by traditional Patiala pants.

Women – Crop tops with Embroidery on the top of them are picking up search throughout the country to be paired with elasticated Patiala pants. You can also search for different styling tips for ethnic wear

Boys -Similar trends are observed in the men category, but your kurta would feature buttons to help you sleep easily in and out of the outfit.

Girls-Sleeveless Kurtas with Patiala pants are the latest and trending.

With the latest fashion sense and a fantastic variety of brands to choose from, you are all set to shine this festive season.