10 Ways to Wear Your Rain shoes on Sunny Days

You probably bought your rainy shoes before the summer ended and are now looking for ways to wear them somewhere. So what if these are for the monsoons? The rainy shoes can be stylish and be worn whenever you want. Yes, you can flaunt them even during the hot scorching summer days. Want to know how? Keep reading.

  1. Bright rainy shoes on boho dresses –The next time you feel like going on out under the sun wearing something comfortable yet stylish, put on a boho dress and pair it with the same coloured rainy shoes. Please opt for positive bright summer shades like yellow, blue and purple. 
  2. Flaunting the sundresses on hot days is a common trend with your sundress. You can now spice up your look by complementing it with nice contrasting rainy shoes. 
  3. The perfect beach look – Heading to the beach? Go, get your shirt, shorts and white or blue coloured rainy shoes to hit the sands with extreme comfort and ease.
  4. Over your loose pants and tops – When you enjoy your summer vacations to the fullest and head for a picnic, we suggest wearing your rainy boots with your top and loose pants. Not only will you look dapper, but you can cover extra miles wearing them with ease.
  5. With floral dresses – Florals are in trend during the summer months. And when you pair these florals with solid coloured rainy boots, you will look adorable these summer days. 
  6. A long skirt and hat – A loose blouse to bear the heat, a long skirt to avoid the tan, and a pair of rainy shoes make the best combination to wear during your summer outings. 
  7. Rainy shoes and maxi dresses – If you are a fan of maxi dresses, let us give you an excellent idea! Pair them with rainy shoes and view the perfect outcome of this styling.
  8. Rainy shoes over short skirts – When rainy shoes look so perfect with the long ones, why don’t you pair them with the shorter skirts to get the nostalgic school girl feel and look super charming as well? 
  9. With your denim – Whether you are wearing a crop top or a shirt over your jeans, it’s essential to wear this attire with complete ease and style. A rainy shoe makes this presentation complete even though the shoe’s colour matches your denim or not! You will still slay a casual look well pairing them together.
  10. Wear them over your workwear – So far, you have only seen how a pair of rainy shoes enhance your casual and holiday attire. But do you know these can uplift your workwear too? Yes, if you go for the black or white or brown-colored rainy shoes, these look pretty decent and even formal with your trousers and pants. And a good thing to wear to work when you are required to be on your feet the entire day. 

So, isn’t your lovely pair of rainy shoes giving you enough style cues! Wear them today to enjoy the rest of the summer days with extreme comfort and ease.